Christmas is Coming…

October 6, 2017

We recently wrote about how ‘Christmas is a way off’ - my how time flies!

We do recommend booking your Christmas Party well in advance to avoid disappointment - but let’s face it, some of you weren’t quite there yet and now are faced with the task of finding a great venue to ensure that your colleagues’ hard work over the year can be celebrated.

Christmas Ribbon

So, first things first – and you’ll be pleased to hear this – there’s still time!

"Everywhere is full"

Is it?

Booking a Christmas Party at this stage, we’ve got to expect to hear ‘no rooms left at the inn’ a few times, but if you can persevere, be flexible with your date and location, and think outside the Christmas box, you can still look forward to a fantastic night out with the team.

No Vacancy
Christmas Cheers

Private Party spaces are in short supply, but there is still availability. If you are expecting a large attendance number, then a private party may just be the thing for you. With a private party, you have the freedom of choosing your own entertainment, your decoration and colour scheme, and added flexibility on menu choices.

Shared Parties can, however, be a great option for a range of group sizes. You won’t need to think about ‘What entertainment am I going to put on?’, ‘How much is room decoration going to cost me?’, ‘All the DJ’s are taken!’ – It’s all covered!

Christmas Fizz

"I haven't got time"

Getting all those other tasks tied up in the run up to the festive season can be an arduous task. Adding the Christmas Party arrangements on top of this – is it possible?

It is!

Xmas Logo

This is where we come in. All you need to do is let tobook know your preferred location, date, and budget. tobook will source the perfect options, and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice, “et voila”! You can enjoy undisturbed sleeps ‘til Christmas!

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